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France - Mont Saint Michel

Your first sight of the Mont, either dominating the white beaches between Normandy and Brittany or emerging from the ocean at high tide will be an unforgettable experience. The legend says that in the 8th century, Archangel St Michel appeared to the local bishop and ordered him to build a chapel on top of a 258 foot high mount. An abbey quickly followed which, in order to accommodate the ever growing number of pilgrims from all over Europe, was constantly embellished and enlarged with new construction, sometimes built on top of each other. However, the result is of surprising harmony, one of medieval Europe's masterpieces and such an architectural wonder that it is called the Marvel of the West. Drive through the Normandy region. During the summer season, April to October, brunch is served at the "Le Dauphin" restaurant at L'Aigle (drinks included). In winter, November to March, lunch is served at Mont-Saint-Michel. Throughout the year, our afternoon at Mont-Saint-Michel begins with a guided visit of the Abbey followed by free time. Dinner on the way back to Paris at Pot l'Eveque. Arrival in Paris around 10:30pm.


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