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 Banner Program

The Banner Program is designed to offer affordable banner opportunities that deliver maximum visibility and efficient promotion of your web site.

Design and order advertising packages that fit your needs. Promote your site on an emerging Web Site that reaches audiences all over the world.

To submit your order you will need: (A) your banner ad, (B) the URL of the web-site your visitors will be linked to

For further information please contact: Advertising

Technical Specifications

We recommended the ad be designed with the minimum number of colors, preferably fewer than 64.

Please tell us the URL to embed with the image 


Price List

Freedom Tour offers an affordable Banner Program on which almost any banner advertising campaigns may be targeted. Freedom Tour is committed to providing its advertising partners advertising products that deliver high levels of exposure.

Banner Program

Rates per CPM

$ 10

CPM= cost per 1,000 impressions

How to calculate the cost of advertising

To calculate your rate simply select the volume of pageviews you require.

For example, "Your Company" chooses a campaign of 50,000 page requests, which means 50 CPM. The rate/cpm is $10 for a total campaign cost of $ 500.

For different currency please use our Currency Converter.

For more details please contact Advertising

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Find out more, with no obligation, about how to finally reach more customers through the Internet.

Use the following form to ensure an accurate submission of your data. Once your request has been received one of our Advertisements Representatives will contact you shortly.
Freedom Tour reserves the right to refuse any request.
For any question please contact Advertising

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